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Xtreme Sports Guide


  I was finding it VERY hard to find any of the secret tokens on this fine game.  I downloaded the two bonus tracks and I loved them and really wanted to get the rest. 

  I searched everywhere on the Internet to try and find a guide for this game, but to no avail.  I couldn’t find any thing. So after a while I decided to make a note of the tokens that I found, just in case I lost my save file- then it wouldn’t take me so long to find them again. 

  I finally found all of the tokens and from it – I had produced a detailed guide to finding them.  So here it is my very own guide to one of my favourite sports games.

  A bit of an exclusive- seeing as I can’t find any other guides out there.

Hints for those of you who would prefer to find the tokens yourself:

  You will need to complete the Championship mode on at least Hard difficulty before you can obtain ALL of the tokens.    

  Completing Championship on Hard will open up the Extreme Races in Single Track mode.

Get to know each course.  Play through the levels several times before you really start your search- this way you can ‘scope’ out the levels and see where any tokens might be hidden.

  Find the Tokens on Single Track mode- this is easier than trying to find them when you are in the middle of a championship- as you will not be focusing on the race.

  Once you have collected the token, you do NOT need to finish the race- you can just exit the track, the game will save automatically.

  Don’t be afraid to explore off track- look for any possible routes yourself.

  Look around you.  On occasion you may wish to stop and look around, see if there are any hidden areas.

  Take it slow.  Though you are always against a time limit- it is often best if you slow down, don’t worry about the race.

  Learn your tricks.  It never hurts to have your boost bar topped-up, you never know whether you might need to use it.

  Try to avoid trees like the plague- especially if you’re trying to do tricks- they are bastards!

  Note: Unfortunately I have forgotten where one of the Tokens is hidden, on the Himalayas Extreme track.  I will update the guide as soon as I can remember, or if someone emails/posts a message on the boards saying where it is.  Other than that, all should be well.

  Please contact me if you find it hard to follow the guide or it is inaccurate.  Thanks.


Easy Tracks:

1-Himalaya- Turn left after entering cave at the end of the level and its up a hill bit.

2-Maui- On Snowboarding part- take and stick to the left route- hop onto grind rail to get it.

3-Stryn- After jumping over the motorway/road on the Snowboard- head right immediately- towards the cliff face.

 It will be fairly slippery but as you come to a steep drop- there will be a grind rail attached to the cliff- jump onto rail to collect the token.

  Note:  I found that I had to jump to get the token- even though I passed through it normally- it wouldn’t give it to me.


Hard Tracks:

1-Himalaya- Get to the ATV part of the race and follow the track, until it dips down and goes into the windy cavern.

  Just before you go into the cave- turn right up the slope and double back on yourself - (Although your not actually going back on yourself- you'll be back on track- but about 10 seconds ahead of everyone else- good shortcut -huh?)

  Anyway- once you’re on the slope and doubled back on yourself- you should be able to see the token easily.

  Another way is to actually follow the track through the tunnel.  Once out on the other side –look up to the slope on your right, you should hopefully be able to see the token.  If not continue forward a bit then stop and turn around, the slope is now on your left- try to get on top of the slope and you should be able to see it.

2- Maui- Do the bungee jump at the start (not that you have any choice).  Hop onto your bike and peddle downhill.  You will go between two arrow boards – one pointing left the other pointing right.  Continue down hill- negotiate the five boulders in the track.   After the boulders you will see another arrow board pointing left downhill.  Aim just to the right of the board.  As you go over the hill, you will see the token.

3-Stryn- As soon as you hop onto your ATV head forward over the mound in front of you- slowly, if possible.

  The token is on the other side of the mound.

4-Scotland- Ok so this is the easiest token to find in the game- the first one I obtained - That’s before I even realised that there were tokens to collect.

  After jumping onto your bike- follow the path down the hill.

  You will come to a jump-with the token floating in mid air- hop to get it.


Extreme Tracks:


2-Maui- Get onto your ATV- go under the first arch/tunnel, through the checkpoint.  At this point the track continues straight forward- but there is a path off to the left.  Take the path a follow it.

  Ahead you will see an arrow that is directing you back onto the track.  Aim slightly left of the arrow- there is a small jump there, (Which does blend in with the track-but you'll see it when you get closer) hit the ramp at speed and you should go straight into a small tunnel-where you will find the token.

3-Scotland- from the start- on Mountain bikes- follow the route down the hill- at about 20-30 seconds in the race you will see some sheep in a stonewall pen - Immediately after the pen is a boulder in the middle of the track atop of the steep slope that is about to come up.

  Go down the slope. Stop and turn around to see the token-The boulder was blocking the view of the token-and also makes it harder to pick it up by accident.

4-Kilimanjaro- Hop onto your bike go down the track- jump the first gap and then the second.  After landing on the second one turn around to see the last collectable token.



  The only way to obtain the two remaining tokens is to go online with your Dreamcast- go to the Xtreme Sports Website -using the game disc is easiest- and download the levels.

Alternative Way to Obtain Tracks and Tokens:

  One way to gain all of the bonus tracks is to go to one of the many VMU download sites- that offer many save game downloads- including Xtreme Sports.


From what G says you may have a tough time finding all the secret tokens. So read on and you will gather the infinite wisdom of G.