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Borderdown hits the DC

   Borderdown, the Dreamcast's newest addition to the lineup, is now available through preorders at

   At first glance, Border Down appears very much the routine 2-D horizontal shooter. Border Down offers a simple firing system, a routine scoring multiplier and a versatile mega-weapon. It's the mega-weapon that provides the wrinkle in Border Down and much of the strategy.

  G.Rev introduces the Break Laser in BD which may be compared to the laser in Metal Black (published by Taito circa 1991) where a boss' wide laser attack may be countered with one of your own. During a Break Laser encounter in Border Down, two streams of energy meet and the conflicting flow wreaks havoc on the hapless opponent. Although Border Down borrows this concept from Metal Black, G.Rev tones down the overly dramatic visuals found in Metal Black
with more sensible displays of firepower and residual lighting. The Break Laser also imparts invincibility while being fired which complements it's offensive capabilities.

  In addition to the Break Laser, a simple vulcan-style shot may be fired by pushing and holding the "A" button which is suitable for dispatching most flitting enemies. To blast foes scattered about the screen, tapping "A" repeatedly unleashes hunting lasers which scroll, scramble and roll around the screen in search of fodder.

  Up to eight streams (when you reach Level 5) burst from your ship and track down the closest enemies. The vulcan cannon also ranges from Level 1 to 5 in terms of intensity. Three levels of ship speed may be toggled by tapping the "C" button.

You better hurry because there is only a limited amount of copies left! You can preorder them at!