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Freddy vs. Jason 

  Okay first things first, I have been waiting for this movie for a long, long time.

  I have visited dozens and dozens of fansites reading several possible scripts, but I never really thought that it would make it to the silver screen.

  But it finally did, and I have to say I enjoyed the heezee out of it. Now, I'm sure there are some of you people out there who will have all these crazy preconceived notions that only ruin movies for you. You people suck. To the rest of the people who know how to keep an open mind on things, go watch it and I bet you like it.

  As you know I like to do, I'll give you some background information on the movie. The first rumblings of what the movie would be about was a group of Druid monks were going to resurrect our two antagonists and make them fight for some reason.

  Then another script gave the two a more meaningful past. You see, in this script, Freddy was actually boning Jason's mom. I can't really remember too much of that one, but the gist of the movie was Jason gets locked up for killing people and is put on trial (Yah, I know, I bet your laughing already.). But being that he chose to do his evil bidding in this country we call America, he gets a lawyer.

  Well, at first the lawyer doesn't really care too much about the guy, but then she begins to delve into Jason's past. I guess she was going for the insanity plea or something.

  Well, she ends up gaining Jason's trust after having several conversations with our favorite goalie.

  That is right around when Freddy comes back. But he really doesn't come back to attack the Elm Street kids, but he mainly comes back to torment Jason.

  Well, to make a long and boring story short, the two fighters finally duke it out in a mall. The only thing is Jason's lawyer is there, too. Vorhees and Krueger end up tearing the place to smithereens. The place is crumbling and Jason and Freddy have just about done each other in when Jason looks over at the lawyer, and for the first time speaks, he says, "Get out."

  And she does! She leaves and then the movie basically ends. That my friends is the reason this movie has been in purgatory for soooo long.

  Well, thankfully they were able to muster up a decent script and they even got one of Destiny's Children to be in it. Yes, Kelly Rowland is one of the ladies who will be trying to stay alive for an almost two hours during the movie.

  I'll quit dragging this review on and get to business now.


The Bad 

To be frank, the acting sucked. Well, except for Freddy and Jason, and Jason really doesn't count unless you're a street mime. Then I guess it would ... er okay, continuing now.

  Although the acting sucked, it's forgivable because these movies have never had good acting. It's kinda like Resident Evil, you just expect to see that kinda crap in the movie.

  They also decided to through in a Jay clone from Jay and Silent Bob. He dressed and acted a lot like him, I was just waiting for a "Snoochie Boochies!" but sadly, I never got one.

  I also thought the movie dragged at times. About in the middle of the movie, I was thinking that I just want to see the two go at it finally. But you have to understand that you can't just have the two juggernauts go at it right away. It's kinda like fine wine. You have to let it age and develop.

  Also, don't expect this movie to scare you unless you are a 60-year-old nun. Think of this more of a thriller. A thriller with lots and lots of blood. These movies haven't been scary for a long time. The only thing Jason has had going for him is to jump out real fast and do that cheap scare that Scream made so famous. And Freddy has been a goof ball after the third or fourth movie (Anyone remember the Power Glove incident?). Well, the only exception is Wes Craven's New Nightmare. I thought that was kinda cool.


The Good

  I think the best thing about this movie is Ronny Yu was able to capture the look and feel of both movies. At times during the movie you will travel to Elm Street and Camp Crystal Lake, but it looks like you are watching each respective movie. I gotta give ya two thumbs up on that one Yu-san!

  Oh yeah, and remember that thing I said about Freddy being a cheesehead lately? Well, he still cracks his fair share of one-liners, but it also shows the dark, serial killer Freddy was before he was murdered by the parents.

  Also, I must applaud the background information on both baddies. Neat stuff to learn more about how each of them died.

 But the absolutely best thing about this movie is the kick-ass fights between Freddy and Jason. I never really got to see Freddy fight much before. He usually just morphs into a giant douche bag and envelopes some hopless teen. But in this movie, he knows how to fight and he needs it. He needs it because the two lay the wood to each other. I haven't seen this much ass kicking since I used to beat my older brother at Tecmo Bowl!


The conclusion

  All in all, I have to say this was a great movie for horror fans, a good movie for the general public and something the ass-knockers out there who complain about everything in a movie should stay away from.

  Take the movie for what it is, it's here to make you have fun. And you will. That is unless you are an ass-knocker.

  Now I know most of you are wondering who wins, well you should look elsewhere because I'm no whistle blower. All I can say is the movie doesn't puss out. There is a winner, but at the same time it sets it self up for a sequel. That's all your gonna get outta me!


  I'm going to have to give this movie a 7.5, because the pace was kinda slow at times, but the end really paid off. Overall, a good movie, but it could have been better with a little more TLC. Bring on Ash!

- thepeenil

This is Robert Englund, Freddy; Ronny Yu, the director and  Ken Kirzinger, who played Jason at Camp Hack n' Slash located in Austin, Tx. This is where they had the movie premiere. It looks kinda cool seeing as how everyone dressed up as campers.


After a hard day fighting, you just need to sit down and watch a good showing of Fried Green Tomatoes.


 It looks like ol' Sharp Fingers has Jason right where he wants him, or does he?