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Review: From Kelly to Justin 

  Okay, lets get this straight from the get go; the only reason I went to watch this movie in the first place is because my wife begged and pleaded me to watch it. And because I'm a nice guy.

  Well, let me lay ya down a little background info. It just so happens that Kelly Clarkson lived approximately five minutes from where my wife and I grew up. Neither of us knew her, but my friend sure did. You see Matt, my friend, worked with her at the South Freeway 8 Movie Theater. There, he formed a friendship with the future "superstar." Evidently, he also did a little more with America's Idol. Yes, Matt supposedly had sex with Kelly. Whether it's the truth or not remains to be seen, but I think it's kinda funny nevertheless.

  Okay, now on to the movie. I already knew go into the movie not to expect much. But when the movie finally came on, I couldn't believe how much worse it was than a Arabian nut scrubbing.

  The story begins with us seeing Kelly, as a Texas waitress, talking to her two friends. They end up talking her into going to Miami for spring break, but not before Kelly makes it known that she's not going to go and be one of those "Girls Gone Wild."

    Now what happens through the movie is basically just filler. All they really want is just to show Justin and Kelly singing. There is a loose plot that revolves around the two idols wanting to "hook up," but one of Kelly's friends tries to break the love birds up and hook up with Justin.

  Justin has two friends that also go with him to spring break. They run some party business that, for some reason, everyone likes. The only problem is that they are all huge dorks. 

  One of his friends just wants to go to spring break to meet a girl he met on the internet. The other guy, who I swear to God has a huge lisp, is a wanna-be rapper who thinks he's a ladies man.

  Probably the only funny thing throughout the whole movie, is when Justin is about to fight Kelly's hick boyfriend. During the heated argument, the hick calls Justin "Sideshow Bob!" Talk about priceless.

  Probably my biggest complaint, besides the terrible acting, is the fact that the movie is a musical. It's not that fact really that it is a musical. But as soon as the song is over, they just start talking and acting like it never happened! This is frickin' ridiculous.

  Now usually I don't like to give away endings, but I'm going to have to do it here.

  Ya know when a movie ends, you're usually left with some sort of closure. But in this movie, no way! All they say is "Hey, I'll see ya again." And then, yeah you got it, they break into a song again. Then the movie ends, just like that.

  You're like "What the hell just happened?" Yes, my friends, if you paid to see this movie, you are probably dummer for it and you have just been robbed out of $7.

  I give this movie a 1 but only because of the funny Sideshow Bob remark.

  Please, do yourself a favor and stay far, far away from this piece of filth. I would rather sell Canadian lawn art than watch this again. Seriously.


Here are our two stars in this quirky coming-of-age thriller. Will it stand up to the hype, we'll see. But I have to add that the funniest part in the movie is when Justin is called Sideshow Bob!


Okay, I know what you're thinking, this is one of America's newest Idols, right? You are wrong. Actually, what happened was aliens cloned Michael Jackson, but put a curly hair gene to spice things up a bit. What you're left with is pictured above.


Yes my little friends, the rumor is now fact. Iron Mike has a clone, and I'm not talking about Bubbles.