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Virtua Tennis


  Virtua Tennis hides in the shadow of Mario Tennis fame, but this tennis game has a lot going for it. From graphics, gameplay, to addiction, Sega's Sports division really did a great job on this one.

  With realistic graphics with simple controls, it was the first head-to-head tennis game to come to the little white box.



  Virtua Tennis has eight internationally ranked men's tennis players, along with
two unlockable ones.

  The game allows you to play with up to four players and it only takes up a measly two blocks on the VMU!

  There are also several cool modes to keep you coming back for more - World mode, Mini-games and Arcade mode.
  You get treated to a hard court, clay court, grass court and carpet - with each surface responds differently.


Graphics and Sound

  Virtua Tennis smashed its way onto the Dreamcast with a big hit. With lush
graphics, this game made you feel like you were playing with the pros.

  Just like Crazy Taxi, Virtua Tennis was taken from the Arcade as a port - Meaning
nice crisp graphics to compliment the sound. The crowd looks realistic, along with the courts and the player models. After a nice shot, you get to see a replay of the point or smash. You can see the clapping crowd, and the player's expressions. The courts, whichever one it may be, clay, grass, or carpet, look very realistic, as well. The sound is very good and accurate.
  When the ball bounces against the different courts, it makes different sounds. It also depends on how hard it is hit. The crowd sounds real, they gasp at amazing diving plays, boo when the ball goes out, and cheer for the victor. Sounds and looks like a real tennis game.



  When Sega made this game, they knew exactly what they had in mind. An addictive game that's easy to pick up. And Sega certainly did a great job with that.

  The game only has two action buttons, A and B. A to do a regular shot, and B to volley the ball up. The volley adds some strategy to the shot, because it makes you think more about your players positions.     

  The game has an Arcade mode, and depending on your settings, it can last from 15 minutes, to well over 45 minutes.

Virtua Tennis also has an incredibly deep
World Mode. Where you play opponents for money. Once you beat your opponent,
you get some money and go to the Shop. (There are many shops that open up
after winning tournaments or minigames.) In the shop you can buy clothes, a new racket, new shoes and a partner to play with you in doubles tournaments.

  The more you win, the more money you will get to spend for higher priced partners. There are also many, many little games to play, such as Tennis Bowling. You try to knock down as many pins as you can when you serve, to earn points. And once you earn the number of points that is designated, you pass that minigame. Then you get to play level two.

  Each minigame has its certain objectives. Winning these minigames brings you money, and it unlocks more tournaments.    

  The goal of the game, or World Mode,
is to be ranked number one amongst the players.


Replay Value

  If there is one area where this game shines, it's replay value. You can play
his game over and over, and it rarely gets boring. The best part is playing with your friends. Hook up three other controllers and Virtua Tennis will last for hours.


Worth Buying Now?

  Since copies of this game don't cost a lot, be sure to pick this one up.
Along with this game buy Virtua Tennis 2.

  You don't have to be a tennis fan to enjoy both of these great classics.

Graphics: 9.0
Sound: 9.0
Gameplay: 10.0
Presentation: 9.0
Replay Value: 10.0
Worth Buying Now? 9.0
Overall: 9.4


In Virtua Tennis, you can play with up to four players with 10 total characters on four different style courts!


Since this is a port directly from Sega's NAOMI board, you can expect great graphics and sound.