Site update

 I just wanted to stop by and let you guys know that we are still working feverishly behind the scenes to get everything up and going.

  I really like how the site design is coming along. Also because of our new host, we'll be able to offer you guys some neat little features - one of them your very own email address!

  Also, we've just updated the site with another review! Go check it out!


New writers

 I'd like to welcome Jim and Mr. Sweetcandy, our new DC Realm writers! Over the course of the next few weeks, you guys will get to know them more through their writings. Good luck, guys!


DC Realm gets new host

 Yeah, that's right. We've finally stepped away from Tripod, and now we have our very own domain name!

  Like we've said, in the coming weeks we have some very exciting things planned. Stick with us because there are going to be some cool new features!


New reviews added

 The man is back. Yeah, that's right ... G blesses us with some more of his great Dreamcast reviews! Check em out!


Eight reasons why

 the Phantom will


 Continuing our effort to change focus from DC to multi-platform, I have written a little feature about Infinium Labs and its first jump into the the video game industry. And trust me, they want to make a major splash, but will they do it?

Click here to read.


Space Channel 5:

 Special Edition for $15

 Ulala will be dancing to your PS2s at the cheap, cheap price of $15.


More DC goodness

 My man nuckles has just wrote a sweet review of Test Drive Le Mans. Get your booty over to the reviews section and check it out!


DC Realm changes 


 I've been giving it a lot of thought and I think the best thing for DC Realm right now is to shift focus from the Dreamcast to Sega as a whole. 

  This doesn't mean that we won't continue to write about the DC, it just means that we will be able to offer you new, fresh content that you can truly use.

  Over the next couple weeks, I plan to really get some good articles on where Sega is headed and the state of their franchises. So kick back, and look forward to more great DC Realm action!


Lack of updates

  Yeah, yeah I know that we haven't update anything around here for a good while. Well, the main reason for that is because I had been making preparations to move to Texas. 

  Well, now I have made the move and am soon getting hooked up with DSL, so after that I plan to really get to updating the site once again.

  I've really been contemplating making the site a multi-platform site  for a while, and I think I may just do it.

  It just seems that us Dreamcasters are getting fewer and fewer by the day. But please tell me what you think of it. E-mail me at


Freddy vs. Jason 


  I decided to give you guys the lowdown on America's number one movie right now. Check it out or I'll sick Jason on your ass.


New DC games available 

-Lien $75 (All titles ship October 30th, 2003)
-Love Chu! $68
-Love Chu! Limited Edition $78


Toy Commander reviewed 

   Have you ever felt the inkling to go and play with your toy cars and planes, but were too afraid your friends would find out and make fun of you? Well, thanks to Toy Commander, you can do just that without the worry of public embarrassment.


 Sega's 2004 lineup


Samurai Jack

Blood Will Tell: Fall of 2004 for PS2

Headhunter 2

Sega GT Online: Winter of 2004 for Xbox